0% Processing Fees!

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Processing fees are eliminate for merchants! Perfect program for every business in every state. A zero merchant fee processing solution.

Allows businesses to collect 100% of their revenue by passing thru a non-cash price to customers paying with credit or debit cards. 

Merchants can keep their prices low, keep more of their sales while at the same time offering a cash discount to customers that choose to pay by cash.

The fee is collected automatically through software integrated with the credit card processing terminal. The Cash Discount Program was designed to help business owners offset their processing cost completely and create an incentive to pay with cash. 

The non-cash fees collected are then used to combat processing and interchange expenses.  This is one of the only programs that does not charge flat admin fee.

There are no fees for PCI Compliance, Monthly Service, Statement or interchange pass thru.



0% Merchant Fee

Processing fees are paid for by the customer. In addition, the fees are assessed  with each transaction. There is never a surprise charge for the merchant at the end of the month. 

Cash Discount

Customers are rewarded when they pay by cash. If they still want to pay by credit, our software automatically adds in the correct fees. Nothing to have to figure out on your part!


We offer a program with a licensing fee and no contract that includes all equipment needed. Or you can pay a 1 time fee for everything you need to get started. The choice, as well as the savings are yours!


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